Exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes

While installing WordPress theme you will find some error as exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes OR Content-Length problem, also show details as Unknown on line 0. As seen window screen you can see below:

So it’s required that you can increase your files size. how to get your file name? So don’t worry you can go in xampp > php > php.ini (Type: Configuration settings) and then you can search “post_max_size”. Now you will find “post_max_size=8M” this is default value.. You can change like this “post_max_size=512M”. You can change as your server allowed space, according to your requirement. Also changing required here “upload_max_filesize=2M” this is default value. As per requirement (as: 5M, 10M or whatever) something “upload_max_filesize=50M”.

When you have updated your page then go to restart your server this is mandatory. After then you can update your WordPress theme, you will find easily updated without any errors. Hope you can update me, my article had enough information for your search keyword.

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