how to create new project in ionic

How to install Ionic

When you start ionic required node server, please install node.js from the node site download LTS version as your system support.

After then you are ready for the installing ionic framework, You can create your APP with Ionic.

Go to on the ionic site:

You can use step as mention on the site go to on the CMD and create anywhere a folder.


D:\other\Appss\ npm install -g cordova ionic 
C:\ npm install -g cordova ionic 
d:\other\ npm install -g cordova ionic

You can use any command because “g” stand for the globally install “Ionic” in your system.

After then you will use this command Example.

ionic start myApp side menu 
>> Ionic: Now you are using ionic
>> start: Now you are creating a new project.
>> myApp: Means your project name
>> sidemenu: It will create a sidemenu

More Example:

ionic start myApp tabs

>> tabs: It will show on the bottom

ionic start myApp blank

>> tabs: It will show page blank

For running your app use this command as like below shown:

cd myApp ionic serve

You will found automatically run your app in the browser as like so on the screen.

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