How to get wordpress password in the localhost

Reset password WordPress phpmyadmin: Now at this time you have forgotten your localhost WordPress password so you can click at the link of the "Lost your password?" at the bottom of the login area. Here you will find a field for the filling your registered email id and WordPress send your lost password at your email. It was so easy way but you have not found your password from via your email id.

So how to get your password? yes, you can reset your password directly go to the phpmyadmin and search your database name and then click you will see your all table. After then you will go to the left side and search "wp_users" and click on you will see details of the right side and now you will edit then get another screen > where you will found "user_pass" column and next column will be select dropdown menu you will select "MD5" option and then go to the next column and type your new password. After then go to the bottom side at right-hand side use "go" button. Now your password changed and you will go to your site URL and type "wp-admin", just use the new password. It will work properly Thanks. If you did not understand then see below screenshot step by step... 

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