How to install WordPress

>>> Install XAMPP OR wamp server in your system.
>>> Run your server then start Apache and MySQL, shown as below image.

>>> create database name as you wish example: “blogger”
As shown in the image.

>>> Go to on the and “download WordPress”
>>> Create a folder in c drive(where install your server XAMPP or wamp) “C:\xampp\htdocs”
>>> Folder name as you wish like “blogger”
>>> Use downloaded WordPress file(C:\Users\sheo\Downloads\wordpress-4.8.1\wordpress ) copy and paste on the folder of “blogger”.

>>> And then go to localhost  server as like http://localhost/blogger/ now you will find as like URLS http://localhost/blogger/wp-admin/setup-config.php
>>> continue > let’s go! >
>>> Use your database name as you created “blogger”, username: “root” and password: “ ”, password not required.

>>> Submit > Run the install
>>> You will find information needed screen fill your information :
Site title: blogger example
Username: admin (as you wish)
Password:  abc@123 (as you wish)
Confirm password: Tick checkbox
Your email: (email for using in your future when forgot password etc.)

>>> Click “install WordPress” button.
You will find the success screen.

>>> Login uses your username and password as you created.

>>>, At last, you will find final Screen: http://localhost/blogger/
Now you have installed a Wordpress site. 

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