How to start new project in angular 6

Hey, you want to start angular 6 if you have not installed node or you are fresher in angular then please go in my article "new project in angular". Now you can start Angular 6: first of all please install @angular/cli and typescript, both should be global. After then you required any third party CSS framework as like bootstrap or any other. For installing bootstrap CSS framework use command:

npm install bootstrap
(Where is your folder as mention in my first article as F:\other\angnular\myAng> npm install bootstrap)

Then you will go to a check in your file name package.json and you will find a bootstrap latest version as given screenshot below:

Then you will check angular.json file, here find point 2: need add manually this URL as below screenshot-  

After you will go to the page name of the app.component.html here required some extension for your smart work as given in my screenshot.

And last you will go to the in cmd window and run the command :
F:\other\angnular\myAng>ng serve -o

You will get your project now run as given screen below:

 Now you have installed bootstrap CSS framework.


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