How to install typescript

How to start to learn typescript?
Typescript is the platform where run ES. ES stands for the ECMAScript. ES means standardize JavaScript. 
ECMAScript start as a beginner so it’s required node server. So you can download from the node site:

Download LTS version and then install.
How to check the node version?
You can type on the command line “node -v” and then it's showing version as- v10.15.3
So now you have confirmed that your server ready for the run any framework as- angular, react, ionic, etc.

You want to learn typescript so you will find a package from the given site. Also, you can find all the packages from this site:

Now you can create a folder in any drive then open the folder at vs code. If you don't have vs code editor then install from this site:

After installing vs code use this command for the installing typescript:

npm install -g typescript

“-g” stand for globally install angular packages.  After installation check version “tsc -v” command on the cmd.

Creating a new file on any drive and then go to the vs code editor. And open folder then creates a ts file after then run “tsc filename”. You will find a js file as you given name for ts file. As see screenshot below:
goto the same folder as showing type tsc then filename. it will automatically generate same js file then you can use any HTML file then test it. When you will type new code on the typescript then required run “tsc filename” again and again.

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