How to migrate wordpress site to another domain?

How to move Wordpress complete site to a new domain?

If you want to move WordPress site from one domain to another domain
as, to,
So simple way need to use WordPress plugin duplicator ( . 

This plugin is very effective. Go to your and go to the WordPress admin and install the duplicator plugin as a given URL above and follow his instruction. When you will find installer.php file and package your website in zip format then go to your FTP where you want to run this duplicate site. And need to upload both files in the root or any folder where you want to copy.

First, we need to create your database as:

DB Name – dbname
DB User Name - dbusername
DB Password – dbpassword

Then go to your domain like,,

And follow as instruction after run installer.php 

And your wp user and wp password will be same as your first site.

In the last you will found that your site will be live as given screenshot:

Note: if you want to move your site from the folder to your main domain as

Then need to remember before moving folder from the FTP go your wp-admin and change your folder name to

And then go to your FTP and create a folder as oldSite for the backup purpose and then move all root file in the oldSite folder then go to moving site folder as  
 “/folderName” select all files and move in the root. After then you will go to your browser and refresh then you will found your site is live now :)

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