How to create a whatsapp link in html?

How to make link for whatsapp?

Yes you want to give a link for the whatsapp number so it's so simple use as anchor  "". This is an api when you will click then directed on the whatsapp site ( And then need to your whatsapp number as anybody using in this example : "918885694512", first two digit is country code and then 10 digits are whatsapp mobile number.

If you want to add any message then need to add "&text=This%20is%20test%20Message". In between message we use "%20" for the space.

<div><a href="">Whatsapp</a></div>
 <div><a href="">Whatsapp without message</a></div>
 <div><a href=""><img src="images/whatsapp.png" alt="Whatsapp"></a></div>
 <div><a href="">Whatsapp without wrong number</a></div>

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