How to create vector images in photoshop?

 Need to create vector image in the Photoshop: first need to take a new file as given below screenshot:


Points 1: You need to create a path as a border so, first set your brush size 5px or as you wish then draw line or path from the pen tool and then create a new layer > use short cut b enter and p ….. Now you will found curve or any line in new layer as in the picture.


Points 2: If you need to create any object with other color then follow instruction as first layer then use magic wand tool and select object > Alt key S M E > Use value 2 or three and take a new layer below of the line object and fill your color as you wish. 


Points 3: If you want to some drop shadow then now you need to use free hand sketching with pen tab and also you can do work with more brushes and eraser tool.  All above points on the mention at below screenshot:

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