What is javascript array?

Array is the an indexing base storage area, he can store multiple value in the single variable.

Array have a lot of pre built medhods as: push(), pop(), shift(), unshift(), concat(), slice(), splice(), join(), toString(), map(), copyWithin(), reverse(), forEach(), Array.isArray(), sort(), indexOf(), lastIndexOf(), find(), findIndex(), filter(), entries(), every(), fill(), flat(), flatMap(), Array.from(), includes(), keys(), Array.of(), reduce(), reduceRight(), some(), toLocaleString(), toSource(), values() etc.

Array syntax:

var arrayName = ["array vaule1", "array vaule2", "array value3", "array value more"];

Javascript Array example:

<p id="test"></p>
<p id="test1"></p>

var color = new Array( "Black", " Blue", " Red" );
document.getElementById("test").innerHTML = color;

var colorNew = ["New Black", " Blue", " Red"];
document.getElementById("test1").innerHTML = colorNew;

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