How to place an image inside text in illustrator?

Put an image in text illustrator: 

Need to select text tool and drag as text box then you will found as screenshot below:

After then if you will found red Plus icon on the right hand side of the bottom side corner then this is indicate you that this have more text so need to create another box. Therefore need to click on the plus icon and go to where you insert more text and drag it. If you want to expend your text in one time then need to use after click plus icon with alt key then you will found your text inserted on the more pages in one times.

If you want put any image between text then go to take image ctrl+O and insert where you want as your size, then you will found your object now showing overlap so need to create an outline with your object as shown on the image below:

Then you need to select created object and go to the object menu and find “Text wrap” and then click on the “Make” .

You will be found image inserted as below:

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