How to use appearance in illustrator?

Appearance panel illustrator: Need to create an object as circle then go to on the window menu and select appearance window Or use shortcut shift+f6. Then use “duplicate selected item” in the (bottom right of the corner) appearance window. It create a duplicate of the object and you can give more effect from the appearance window, select layer and change color or more as you wish.


This action you can save as a illustrator graphic styles: So need to go the window menu and select graphic style Or use shortcut shift + f5. Then select created object drag and drop on the graphic style window. Now you have created a style it save when you need this style then create any object and apply this style.

Also you can save your graphic style for your future, need to go (graphic style window) “left bottom corner” then click “save graphic style” and save it anywhere in your system, when it’s require then go to same button as you are using for the saving and import as “Other library” and select your created “graphic style”.

Same you save your created pattern Or Swatches and save as same process in above.

You will find as below screenshot:


Note: if you need to replace new created or modified graphic style then need to use alt key then drag and drop, then you will found that your all old style replaced in the new style.

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