How to start learn nuxt?

How to install nuxt js?

Firstly we need to install node js and vs code.  Create your folder where you want to create a new project in Nuxt. Then open cmd from the run command Or you can start vs code editor Then need to install vue “npm install vue”, after that need to install “npm install nuxt”.


Now you are able to create your nuxt project go on the vs code ctrl+tilde(~) key and then go to on the “terminal tabs” use this command : npx create-nuxt-app projectname


You will find the screen as below:

Now you need to close and start your vs code editor and open the folder where you have installed your nuxt project. Also, you can use another way for opening your project go to the top section on the folder address bar click on then type cmd and you will find a cmd screen and then type “code .” It will open directly your project on the editor.


Now need to use ctrl+tilde(~) key you will found terminal, need to use command for the starting project:

npm run dev


you will find your project now started as below screenshot:

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