How to change wordpress login url without plugin?

Change Login URL Without Plugin in wordpress:
You want to change your login url as example: or if you need to change custom url as you want

So why you need to create custom url? 

Because this is good for the security purpose, everyone know that “wp-admin” or “wp-login” and then he can use without any reason and hack your site.

So you can use any plugin for the hide login url but if you want to change without any plugin so first need to ftp details or go to the control panel and download from main directory of the wordpress. Need to modify file name: “wp-login.php”, open this file and replace “wp-login.php” with “sheolog.php” (sheolog = as you want file name .php) then rename “wp-login.php” to “sheolog.php” and upload it on the server.


And second step need to modify “general-template.php” you will get this file from the “wp-includes > general-template.php” . Need to replace “wp-login.php” with “sheolog.php” and then upload this file. Then we need to go browser and type this url : then you will found your login page and now you can login and do your work. Now implemented without any plugin. How to install wordpress?

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