How to create banner for print in illustrator?

We need to start size in illustrator as your requirement as A4, A3, A5 or can make custom size: 2x3 Feet, 6x3 feet or For Gate Arch: for the top 10x2 feet, and left side 2x8 feet, for the right side 2x8. Also, depending on your requirement.

Now create a design according to your design creativity. I have started a simple banner size A4 Or Poster as below screenshot:

Our black border is only original size A4. But it’s not showing good means original size So we create a mask. Need to create an A4 size layer in the top and select all layers ctrl+A or select with drag. Use ctrl+7 you will find the original size as below screenshot.

If you want to use any large size for any design or picture then go to photoshop and create an A4 size Or as your requirement. Need to create PSD in a 300 dpi file in CMYK because we print on CMYK color and save it in the same folder with the name of the links folder. Go to on the illustrator and call it with menu file > place (shift + ctrl + p) as below:

When you will need to change then go to the photoshop and change anything else it will automatically change in your illustrator as below screenshot:

When you will click on the yes you will find your latest changes in illustrator. This means your file is liked by an illustrator.

Now we are going to create a pdf file for the print. So most important things:

The first method Create a folder where you need to save all fonts related to your file. Save your used images and PSD file as you have linked. And send to printer guys.

The second method is to go to illustrator select an image or file and need to embed all images and linked files. As below screenshot:

For the fonts need to create a curve file that Means converting text to an object. Select fonts and use shift+ctrl+O as below:

And save files and create pdf in high quality.

The third method is the select an image and go to the object menu > Rasterize… and select some options then ok as below screenshot:

Now convert fonts into objects as in the second method.

Then you can create a pdf. Use ctrl+shift+S for the save as pdf and select high quality. Send to the printer you will find good color and poster.

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